Handmade Westcountry Farmhouse Cheeses
Branding imagery: field of green grass


Then, by hand, we cut, stack and repeatedly turn the curd to ensure that all the moisture is drained away. This is the famous process of ‘cheddaring’ and a crucial part of the process which ensures that West Country Farmhouse Cheddars have their trademark texture. During the cheddaring the acidity in the curds is rising all the time in a controlled way. This slight acidity preserves the curds and allows us to keep cheddar for a long period of time to mature it correctly.

Royal ploughmans for the Countess

After last years washout , the sun shone brightly on The Countess of Wessex as she attended the PDO lunch and presented Parkham farms with cups for both the reserve champion cheese and best PDO West Country Farmhouse cheddar. The show was a triumph for our other farmhouse cheesemakers too with a total of 40 medals and 7 special awards, just rewards for all the care and craftsmanship that goes into all our handmade cheeses.

Oh Come All Ye Cheese Lovers

West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers sing their souls out for Children In Need