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Drinks to match


Often seen as the perfect cheese partner, wine doesn’t have to be just red. White wines and Champagne also compliment the rich and creamy flavours of farmhouse cheese.

White Wines

Mellow West Country cheeses like:

Suit a more full-bodied white wine such as:

  • Muscadet
  • SancerreChenin Blanc
  • Vouvray

Fuller flavoured Cheeses such as:

Suit a more full-bodied white wine such as:

  • Côtes de Duras Blanc
  • White Burgundy
  • Alsace Gewurztraminer
  • Viognier

Red Wines

Well-matched reds include:

  • Red Burgundies
  • Merlot
  • Pomerols
  • Cabernet Sauvignons

We’ve found our extra mature and vintage Cheddars go particularly well with full-bodied reds such as Chateauneuf du Pape, Cahors and Fitou.


Although a classic match, port isn’t just for Stilton and serves as a wonderful accompaniment to all the West Country cheeses, particularly a port with real vintage character.

Beer and Cider

Beer makes a great alternative to wine. In our opinion, real cheeses deserve real ales and the West Country cheeses are perfectly suited to a good stout or porter such as Wye Valley’s Dorothy Goodbody’s Wholesome Stout or Champion Bottle-conditioned Beer of Britain’ winner Titanic Stout. We also recommend a glass of Guinness with your West Country Farmhouse Cheddar ploughman’s…

And we couldn’t suggest perfect matches without mentioning the West Country’s other great export, cider. Cheddar and cider are a match made in heaven and make perfect partners for a summer lunch – whether its a dry farmhouse scrumpy or a sparkling sweet variety, the appley tang is a delicious counterpoint to the lingering savoury finish of a fine matured cheese.