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Whether keeping it to yourself or sharing it with family or friends, as a snack, or for lunch or dinner, Farmhouse cheeses are an essential indulgence.

Our favourite serving suggestion? Take one plate, add a generous slice of your favourite West Country creation, garnish with soft lighting, retire to the sofa and curl up with the lingering flavours found only with a handmade Farmhouse cheese.

If you do feel compelled to share it, West Country Farmhouse Cheddars are also a must for your cheese board and with the diverse characters of the cheeses in our range you could easily serve more than one. The UK has an unrivalled choice of wonderful cheeses so why not create a Great British cheese board? Choose a couple of West Country Cheddars, add our Double Gloucester and Red Leicester alongside a Stilton, a Dorset Blue Vinney, and perhaps a West Country Goat's cheese. Perfection!